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Play the Knave! Interactive Motion Capture Shakespeare Experience

Department: Shakespeare Center

Date and Time: February 21, 2017 - 11:00 AM

Event Location: Viewpoint Gallery, Student Center

Event Details

Play the Knave is a motion capture video game that lets players design and perform in scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. Users customize their scene (choosing script, avatars, background sound, and theater space) and then perform it, karaoke-style, by reading the lines that scroll on screen. This is no ordinary karaoke experience, however.

A Kinect motion-capture camera picks up the player’s bodily gestures, mapping them onto the screen’s 3D avatar so that the avatar mirrors the user’s gestures in real time.

Play the Knave engages users in dramatic production, helping them understand and enjoy a Shakespeare play through the act of staging it.

The concept, content and design for Play the Knave! are the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration involving faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates at the University of California, Davis’s ModLab. For more information, see or follow on Twitter @PlayTheKnave

Demonstration and Exploration (in Viewpoint Gallery)
11:00am-2:00pm (drop in any time)

12:00 Panel (in Viewpoint Gallery)
John Crawford, Director, UCI Center for 21st Century Creativity
Magda El Zarki, Institute for Virtual Environments and Computer Games
Pat Seed, Department of History
Gina Bloom, Professor of English, UC Davis; PI, "Play the Knave"

Co-sponsored by the UCI Shakespeare Center, the Digital Humanities Working Group, and UCHRI.