Our program offers a number of courses and services that are designed to help international students succeed at UCI. For information about our courses, go to the UCI Catalogue.

International students who enroll as first-year students may be required to take our reading and/or writing courses before they enroll in Writing 39A. For information about the Academic English requirement, see the UCI Catalogue requirements (link in sub-menu).
In order to enroll in Academic English reading or writing courses, students should first take the Academic English Placement Test.  Information about the Academic English Placement Test can be found at the UCI Testing Office website.  Students should take this test before the quarter begins. 

In addition to our reading and writing courses, international students might want to enroll in Academic English 28 (Grammar for Writing). 

International students who want to improve their oral language skills, should contact Qian Du (qiand1@uci.edu) or Jerry Won Lee (AEDirector@uci.edu) for advice.  Pending funding, it might be possible for them to enroll in one of our oral communication courses or receive special tutoring.  The resources found on this page will help international students improve their oral communication skills.



International Student Resources