Please join us for this remote lecture in support of our summer festival.

Shakespeare’s staging of the twin relation in The Comedy of Errors leads to all kinds of hilarious confusions. But beyond making us laugh, these myriad confusions can also make us think: specifically, about how we come to develop, experience, and express our sense of self. In this talk, Kent Lehnhof (Chapman University) will tease out what Shakespeare’s farcical play has to say about individuality, social identity, subjectivity, and selfhood.

Dr. Kent Lehnhof is professor of English at Chapman University, where he specializes in Shakespeare. He has published some two dozen articles on early modern literature, including a 2020 essay about twinship in The Comedy of Errors. He is also father to a set of twin boys, who count among their earliest Shakespearean experiences the New Swan production of Errors that Beth Lopes directed in 2012.