The Specialization’s full course catalogue can be found in the UCI Course Catalogue. Approved courses and current topics-vary courses for the next registration cycle will be posted here once they are available for planning purposes. Consult the Schedule of Classes maintained by the UCI Registrar for the current official course schedule.



IRAN 290 (Art History 150) Entangled Eurasia (Canepa)


IRAN 231B Ancient Persia (Daryaee)

IRAN 290 (Art History 100) Hellenistic Iran (Canepa) topic TBD

IRAN 290 (Art History 100) Topic TBD (taught by new Art History/Archaeology faculty)

IRAN 292 (VS 295) Transculturation (Canepa)


IRAN 231A Zoroastrianism (Cereti)

IRAN 290 (Art History 100) Topic TBD (taught by new Art History/Archaeology faculty)

In addition to the quarterly offerings listed above, students may take the reading courses and directed studies with the approval and consultation of the Specialization faculty member with whom a student wishes to work (see below).

Course Catalogue

The following topics-vary courses may be offered both as independent directed readings courses or as group classes:

IRAN 280: Studies in Old Iranian IRAN 281: Studies in Middle Iranian

IRAN 282: Studies in Classical Persian

IRAN 294: Curatorial Methods (taken in conjunction with a museum internship or GSR)

IRAN 295: Special Methods

Specialization faculty may offer individualized directed readings through the following:

IRAN 293: Directed Readings in Premodern Iranian Studies

IRAN 297. Directed Readings in Persian/Iranian Studies

IRAN 298. Special Topics in Persian/Iranian Studies

The following courses are offered through the Specialization or crosslisted with other programs. Many courses are 'topics-vary' seminars or lectures with new topics offered every year depending on faculty and student research interests. These are offered through 290 and 292.

IRAN 231A Zoroastrianism

IRAN 231B Ancient Persia

IRAN 231C Medieval Persia

IRAN 255A Ancient India

IRAN 255B Medieval India IRAN 290: Special Topics in Premodern Iranian Studies (recent courses include: "Hellenistic Iran: Seleucids, Greco-Bactrians, Parthians," "Sasanian Art and Archaeology," "Kushan Art and Archaeology," "Iran and Eurasian Exchanges"). IRAN 292: Seminar in Premodern Iranian Studies (recent seminars include: "Cultures in Contact," "Time, Power, Memory," "Imaginary Nations"). IRAN 296: Ethics, Law and Art