The Humanities and Law minor, which is open to all UCI undergraduate students, includes courses in the humanities that former students have found to be useful in preparing them for law-related careers. The courses focus on long-term skills in critical reading, writing, and analysis, offering theoretical and applied analytical perspectives on ethical, political, and social issues. The minor does not include how-to courses on particular legal practices. The minor should not be perceived as a prerequisite for attending Law School.

Students considering a career in law are strongly encouraged to take advantage of other law-related courses across campus and of extracurricular activities such as the Pre-Law Society. 

What’s a minor?

A minor is a set of 7 or more classes in an academic field which are designed to go beyond the introductory level but not enough to be considered a major.  You can minor in any academic discipline except your major.  Obtaining a minor (or minors) is optional.

Declaring a Minor

Humanities and Law minors do not need to be officially declared.  Notify your academic counselor (in the School of your major) to add the minor to your degree audit, and then complete the required courses for the minor.  To officially receive a minor, you must also list it on your Application for Graduation.

Requirements for the Humanities and Law Minor:

Overlapping Classes

You can overlap a maximum of 2 classes between your major and your minor.  You cannot overlap classes between two minors.

Pass/Not Pass

You can take a maximum of 2 classes for P/NP to count toward a minor.