Edward Haung, Film and Media Studies Summer Internship Award winner

Congratulations to Edward Huang, one of the winners of the Film and Media Studies Summer Internship Award!

Edward Huang recently completed an internship with Be An Culture. Be An Culture was founded in Los Angeles in 2020 and runs a podcast called Roamer FM that focuses on covering art and culture markets and industries.

During his summer internship, Edward edited video podcasts that required translations from English to Chinese, and vice versa. These podcasts varied in length, ranging from concise episodes of 30 to 50 minutes, sometimes with more extensive discussions lasting well over an hour. This internship allowed Edward to learn the importance of work efficiency and effective time management which has enabled him to streamline his workflow and consistently meet deadlines while delivering high-quality results.

Edward made an impact on Be An Culture by displaying remarkable proficiency in editing visual podcasts and enhancing the overall quality of audio and video content. He was able to captivate the target audience of their podcasts with his creativity and foster cultural exchange and knowledge. 

This scholarship is funded by a generous donation from UCI History alumni, Leon Dudevoir, in support of Film and Media Studies’ student internships. Mr. Dudevoir had a career as a film executive for New Line Cinemas, working on films like The Notebook, Rush Hour, and Blade. He’s now retired and lives in Portland, and wanted to support current FMS students looking to enter the entertainment industry.

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