Dancing the Dharma:Religious and Political Allegory in Japanese Noh Theater
Susan B. Klein
a person walking in a zigzag on a white path leaving footprints toward a broken arch
Against Flow: Video Games and the Flowing Subject
Braxton Soderman
 a person with a film camera with film along the bottom at an angle
Engineering Hollywood
Luci Marzola
football players
Sports TV
Victoria E. Johnson
an hour glass with a blue person side profile on either side
Impossible Stories: On the Space and Time of Black Destructive Creation
John Murillo III
red background with the title and author in white
Virtue Hoarders: The Case against the Professional Managerial Class
Catherine Liu
Healing Historical Trauma in South Korean Film and Literature
Chungmoo Choi
black background with thin, white stripes that cut off in different places with the title
Meryem Kamil
Traffic in Asian Women
Laura Hyun Yi Kang
Refugee Routes: Telling, Looking, Protesting, Redressing
Vanessa Agnew, Kader Konuk, and Jane O. Newman (Eds.)
The Last Great Road Bum
Hector Tobar
Seeds of Control: Japan’s Empire of Forestry in Colonial Korea
David Fedman