Course Requirements

No more than four courses may be taken in any one single discipline.

A. Complete: ARMN 1C or equivalent*

B. Complete: GLBL ME 60A: Humanities and Arts: Problems and Methods for Global Middle East Studies

C. Complete:

  •  History 132D: Armenians and Armenia in Ancient to Early Modern World History
  •  History 132E: Armenians and Armenia in Modern World History

D. Select three from the following**:

  • History 124B: Twentieth-Century Russia
  • History 126A: The Era of World War I: 1900-1939
  • History 131B: Ancient Persia
  • History 132B: The Emergence of the Modern Middle East
  • History 132C: Women and Gender in the Middle East
  • History 132H: Topics in Middle Eastern History
  • IS 117A/Anthro 125x: Transnational Migration
  • IS 165/ Pol Sci 158D/Soc Sci 188A: Introduction to Contemporary Middle East politics
  • Pol Sci 154J: Jews and Power
  • CL 100A: Nations, Regions and Beyond***
  • CL 107: Colonialism and Postcolonialism***
  • CL 108: Diasporic Literatures and Cultures***
  • CL 150: Literature in Translation***

*Students who place above the IC level will be required to substitute a higher-leve Armenian language course or an additional course from Area D.
**With the approval of the Director, other relevant courses may satisfy the requirements for the minor.
***These courses must have a Middle Eastern focus to be counted toward the minor.

Residence Requirement for the Minor: Four upper-division courses required for the minor must be successfully completed at UCI. Two of the four may be taken through the UC Education Abroad Program, provided course content is approved in advance by the Director.

Students can begin enrolling in courses that satisfy the minor requirements. During fall quarter, students can then meet with their counselors to officially add the minor to their degree.