Welcome to friends of the Center for Early Cultures at UCI.

We look forward to seeing you at this year's events, where we will engage with distinguished scholars from UC Irvine and beyond to explore the historical depths of some of today's most pressing cultural concerns. You will find us collaborating with academic departments, the Environmental Humanities Research Center, the Digital Humanities Exchange, the New Swan Shakespeare Center, and more,  We are especially pleased this year to partner with the Humanities Center in exploring the theme of worldmaking through embodiment with our spring 2023 conference, Worldmaking and Embodiment in Early Cultures: Intentional Acts, Material Culture, and the Environment (Organizers: Professors Matthew Canepa and Lindsay Gilmore and Ph.D candidate in Visual Studies Nastasya Kosygina). Bookmark our website, join our mailing list, and step into early cultures conversations!

Deanna Shemek
European Languages and Studies

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