Graduate Students

Roy Cherian (Culture & Theory) Research interests: anti-Blackness, secularity, violence, modernity, religion, race, philosophy of science, medicine

Peter Cibula (English) Dissertation topic: vulnerability and social grace in medieval and early modern England.

Thomas Cosgrove (English) Research interests: Shakespeare, primitive accumulation, early modern economies, historical phenomenology, and early modern self-experience.

Sarah Fugfugosh-Munoz (Visual Studies) Research interests: Early modern art, visual culture and gender studies in Italy and France. Early modern subjectivity, social identity construction and corporeality in art, literature and natural philosophy; 16th and 17th century female artistic production, portraiture, and epistolary culture.

Zachary Korol-Gold (Visual Studies) Research Interest: Ecological art, contemporary art, alternative agriculture, ecocriticism, political ecology

Chelsea Lea (English) Research Interests: My research interests focus mainly on early modern literature, specifically interdisciplinary work focusing on death, medicine, and the body as it relates to literature and how such things are portrayed in art, etc. This comes with an interest in the medical humanities. Recently my work has focused on death in early modern performance and how death influences identity during the period. Outside of the early modern period, I enjoy research in the 19th century as a whole.

Emily Pariser (Drama)

Oliva Rall (English) Research Interests: Early modern literature; political theology; religious studies; Shakespeare; Walter Benjamin; ceremony and ritual

Kathryn Schubert (English) Research Interests: Early modern literature, Shakespeare, gender and sexuality, political theory, vulnerability and embodiment, ethics

Saiham Sharif (English)

Sara Sisun (Visual Studies) Research Interests: Early Modern art and corporeality, critical theory, medical humanities, history of science, posthumanism

Margaret Speer (English with Visual Studies and Critical Theory emphases) Dissertation topic: a project in Queer Time that brings feminist thought and queer theory to bear on literature and history (Renaissance and 19th century). She is also organizer of the Queer Theory Reading Group.