In this presentation, Dr. K.J. Rawson (he/him/his), will discuss his work founding and directing the Digital Transgender Archive (DTA) and serving as the co-chair of the Homosaurus, an international LGBTQ linked data vocabulary. The Digital Transgender Archive (DTA) is an open-access, primary source digital archive that Rawson created to address the barriers that researchers face when conducting historical research on transgender topics. This presentation will discuss those barriers and the new possibilities for historical discovery that digital archives like DTA can open up for researchers. Dr. Rawson will also introduce Homosaurus. and the queer worldmaking possibilities of linked data vocabularies.

Moderated by Jeanne Scheper, UCI Associate Professor & Chair, Gender and Sexuality Studies. (Zoom webinar link coming soon)

The DTA uses the term transgender to refer to a broad and inclusive range of non-normative gender practices. DTA treats transgender as a practice rather than an identity category in order to bring together a trans-historical and trans-cultural collection of materials related to trans-ing gender. DTA collects materials from anywhere in the world with a focus on materials created before the year 2000.

Photo credit: Fantasia Fair.  "1970s Group Meetings Fantasia Fair."  Photograph.  1977.  Digital Transgender Archive,  https://www.digitaltransgenderarchive.net/files/2v23vt70c  (accessed August 30, 2022).