There are many ways to stay connected to the Department after you graduate:

  1. Add your name to our alumni database/mailing list.  Stay updated on Gender & Sexuality Studies news and events via our email listserv, and keep us informed about what you are doing!
  2. Post your name on this website.  List your name here so potential students and other community members can see what our students do after graduating.  Posting your email address is optional, and will allow current students and other alumni to contact you.
  3. Join us on Facebook at Gender & Sexuality Studies at UCI.
  4. Join Career Connections.  Help current UCI students through the Career Center’s alumni database.  As part of this network, you can share your career experiences and information about your industry, as well as get to know potential future employees.
  5. Attend an event.  Stay engaged with current work in the field and re-connect with faculty, staff, and friends by attending one of our upcoming events.
  6. Donate. Give a gift to our Department to help us reach our current goals.  There are many ways that your donation can support our students and work. No amount is too little. We appreciate any amount you can give.