An artistic reawakening
UCI African American studies and art history professor contributes to Harlem Renaissance exhibition at The Met
Tatum Larsen: Taking the leap
UCI history undergraduate interviews UCI alumna Tatum Larsen, B.A. '21
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Elaine Kathryn Andres, Ph.D. Culture and Theory '22
Preserving stories, shaping futures
UCI Humanities students preserve the history of the Black Panther Oakland Community School
In Memoriam: Remembering Herbert Lehnert (1925-2024)
Professor Lehnert of European Languages and Studies
Anirban Gupta-Nigam: An international perspective on administering research
Anirban Gupta-Nigam, Ph.D. Visual Studies '18
Rethinking conflict
Comparative literature professor’s new book breaks down the idea of “conflict” in Israel-Palestine