Sydney Ching

"Asian American Studies enhances appreciation of Asian American history to help understand current issues facing Asian American populations today, inspiring the need for minorities to come together in solidarity. It will build one's critical thinking, teamwork, and public speaking skills as a student.”

Erica Eao

“I came into UCI not knowing what direction I wanted to go into, aside from the physical sciences. However, after taking one class (Asian American 50), I was introduced into all the history and oppression that not only Asian Americans and Asians faced, but also minorities in America. I was eager to learn about different backgrounds and trajectories that immigrants and their families endured while building from the ground up in a new country.

In high school, I did not learn about the Anti-Asian sentiments, aside from the Chinese Exclusion Act...I did not learn about the term "nationals" or even the Fall of Saigon. I learned all of those events and more from taking Asian American studies classes at UCI...I delved into books and was inspired to expand my knowledge of who I am and who many of my peers are as well....I also learned that these histories don't define our paths or our futures. I think that's what kept me going, learning about what I can't find in a science lecture hall or a science textbook."

Kevin Hu

“The major helps you gain a fresh perspective and see the world differently...Asian American Studies has helped me improve my writing skills as well as teach me to think critically about the world around me.”

Gurleen Singh

“I would tell other UCI students that Asian American studies courses are very interesting and very impacting compared to other courses. The professors are very helpful and the TA's as well. The Professors are very inspiring because they love teaching the history of Asian Americans."