Students will receive information from their instructor about purchasing the AGWR through Perusall on their Canvas course site by the first day of class.

Go to the Schedule of Classes, select the quarter you wish to enroll for, and select a section that fits your schedule. You can enroll for your specific section through WebReg when your enrollment registration window opens, given that you have the correct prerequisites. WebReg is available from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. daily, with occasional downtime for maintenance.During the Enrollment by Window period, when your enrollment window opens, you have 48 hours of full access before you are restricted to non-prime time access (7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.), while other students’ enrollment windows open on an established priority basis.

“First Day Rule”: All students enrolled in Composition Writing courses WR 45, WR 40, WR 50, and WR 60 are required to attend the entire first class meeting, or they will be DROPPED from the section. The last day to add a class is by 5pm, on the Friday of Week 1. The last day to drop a class is by 5pm, on the Friday of Week 2.

We cannot change the maximum enrollment for any writing sections.  Any section that is over the maximum capacity is only temporarily so. Usually, it is the case that a student who was not present the first day of classes hasn’t yet dropped the section, while the student taking the spot has already added the section. When the student who is no longer authorized to be in the section drops the class, the enrollment will go back to its regular maximum capacity. There are many reasons why we *must* keep this enrollment where they are — chief among them is that it’s not productive to have too many students in one class. Simply, students wouldn’t get the best experience or the best instruction out of a class because they wouldn’t get as much individual feedback or time from their instructor.

Before changing your grade option to P/NP, please consult with an academic counselor in the school of your major.  In some schools, you must take the writing courses for a letter grade in order for the course to count toward your lower-division requirement. If you have plans to apply for graduate school, please note that some graduate schools also require that writing courses be a letter grade in order to be accepted.You CANNOT revert a P/NP back into a letter grade.

For all inquiries related to Summer Session, please contact the Summer Session office at We do not handle enrollment for Writing courses during the summer.

New Only restrictions for fall quarter are lifted in mid-September.

Yes. Writing classes MUST be taken in sequential order in order for them to count towards your lower-division writing requirement:   

  1. WR 40 or WR 40A 
  2. WR 50
  3. WR 60


  1. WR 45
  2. WR 60 


  1. WR 40 
  2. WR 50 
  3. *WR 30/31*

*WR 30/31 can be taken in lieu of WR 60 if the student has received a B or higher in WR 50*

For an idea of what themes will be taught during the quarter, please refer to the Instructor Profiles and read their "Detailed Instructor Pages." Those pages have information about which themes instructors typically teach. 

If you are attempting to add or drop a course and it prompts you for an authorization code, you can obtain your code by emailing the instructor of your course.

The best way to increase your chances of adding a section is to physically show up in person the first day. If other registered students do not attend, they must drop due to the “First Day Rule.” If you are present, you will have a greater likelihood of taking that spot.

If you still cannot add after the first day of classes, you can email the Composition Program at and sign up to be placed on the internal waitlist after classes begin. If there are openings, you will be funneled into those classes.

Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be added to the class. If you are still unable to obtain a seat after classes begin, you must wait for additional opportunities in the following quarters.

The Anteater Guide to Writing and Rhetoric 9th edition is required in all Composition Courses (WR 40, 50, 60, and WR 45). Any other supplemental texts will be specific to your instructor and course.

If you have taken an English composition writing course at a college outside of California and wish to petition a lower division writing course at UCI, you will need to fill out the petition by clicking here:

Entry Level Writing:
Writing 50/Writing 60:

Your petition will be reviewed by the UCI Writing Placement Team, and then they will contact you via email with the decision. A copy of the decision will also be sent to your counseling office.

If you took the writing course at a California community college, you do not need to fill out a petition but please consult with an academic advisor in the school of your major for assistance in determining if the class you took is transferable.

If you have questions regarding the petition process, please reach out to: