Why Study Chinese?

歡迎! 欢迎!


Welcome to UCI’s Chinese Language Program!
Chinese is the most spoken and one of the fastest growing languages in the world with over one billion speakers. Whether your interests are in culture, business, history, or science and technology, knowledge of Mandarin Chinese will enhance your understanding and marketability, and thus opens the door to new opportunities in an increasingly globalized world.

The focus of our Chinese language program is to create an inclusive learning environment based on current research on language teaching and learning as well as best pedagogical practices. We are committed to helping our students develop language skills, cultural awareness, and appreciation of different perspectives in order to communicate and connect with the Chinese speaking community in a meaningful manner.

We currently offer three levels of lower-division Chinese language classes: Fundamental level (1st year), Intermediate level (2nd year), and Advanced level (3rd year). In addition, 4th year Chinese and Classical Chinese are offered periodically at upper division level.

The Chinese language program at UCI is tailored to accommodate both beginning learners and those who have prior experience in the language.  All students intending to enroll in a Chinese language class for the first time must complete a Chinese Placement Assessment so they can be placed in the appropriate level.  To start the Chinese placement assessment process, complete the online survey/test (anytime from anywhere) at https://www.humanities.uci.edu/placement/chinese/

For questions about Chinese language classes or Chinese placement assessment, please contact rhsieh@uci.edu