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Our program offers a number of courses and services that are designed to help international graduate students succeed at UCI.

Program in Global Languages & Communication - courses for graduate students

  • Academic English 23A - Pronunciation (Emphasis on pronunciation of English sounds). This course focuses on training students to be able to hear the differences in similar English sounds and also to accurately pronounce all the sounds in English (both consonant and vowel sounds). Students engage in short communicative activities and exercises that will help them focus on and practice English sounds.
  • Academic English 23B - Conversation (Emphasis on conversation and English stress, rhythm and intonation). This course, like 23A, has a strong emphasis on pronunciation. However, rather than focusing on the sounds of English, this course focuses on the stress, rhythm, and intonation of English. Moreover, this course includes more communicative activities than in 23A, giving students plentiful opportunities to engage in a variety of conversational situations. Some grammar and vocabulary activities will also be integrated into the course.
  • Academic English 23C - Advanced Communication & Presentations (Emphasis on functional language and presentations; Ac Eng 23A, 23B, or consultation/interview with professor recommended). This course is designed for students who have a fairly good grasp of English sounds and rhythm and/or who have taken 23A or 23B. In this course, students practice using English for a variety of tasks and purposes – especially tasks that they will encounter in their academic and professional lives. For example, students are required to give three presentations throughout the course. There is a greater focus on academic vocabulary than in 23A or 23B. Some attention will be given to pronunciation, although not as much as in 23A or 23B.
  • Academic English 29 – Introduction to Graduate Research Writing. This course is designed to help graduate students in developing a fundamental understanding of graduate writing necessary for more advanced tasks, such as academic publishing and thesis/dissertation writing.
  • Academic English 29 – Graduate Writing for Scholarly Publication. This course is designed to help graduate students in the preparation of a conference paper or journal manuscript for publication. This course is most helpful for those who are in the process of preparing to publish.
  • Academic English 29 – Thesis/Dissertation Writing for Graduate Students. This course is designed to help graduate students in the preparation of a thesis/dissertation (or proposal). This course is most helpful for those who are in the process of preparing a thesis/dissertation (or proposal).
Language Testing
  • The UCI Test of Oral English Proficiency (TOEP) is offered at UCI 3 times a year - in September, December, and June.
  • SPEAK@UCI is offered before fall quarter and also during fall, winter, and spring quarters in week 4; check the website link  for updates and a sample SPEAK test.
  • TOEFL iBT and IELTS are given in Orange County. Check the websites for dates and times.



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