Below are a list of themes that instructors typically teach. For a list of what is going to be taught for the upcoming quarter, please check the "News" section of the Composition Website (at the bottom of the homepage). Once the themes for the upcoming quarter are available, they will be posted there. 

Instructor Name Courses Typically Taught Themes
Atamdede, Aysel WR50, WR 60 WR50: Paranormal as the Other/Horror as Humanity. WR60: The Changing Face of Education
Atkin, Kendra WR60  
Bacchus, Hannah WR50 Fairy Tales/Critical Reading and Analytical Writing
Baker, Librecht WR60 BLM/Technology and Bias
Bense, Brendan WR50 Science Fiction & What Makes Us Human
Boghozian, Sharece WR50 WR50: Allegory and Ideology
Brauer Rogers, Emily WR 40, WR 45, WR 50, WR 60 WR 40: How does Story Define Us? WR 45/WR 50: Science Fiction, WR 60: Climate Change
Brouwer, Mo WR 50, WR 60 Fairy Tales, Nature Writing, Animal Ethics
Buczinsky, Zak WR 50 Exploring the Shadow
Campo Bowen, Kathryn Writing 50; Literary Journalism 20 WR 50: The Rhetoric of Memoir; WR 50: Travel Writing
Chavez, Daniela WR 60, 50, 40 WR 60: Education as the Practice of Freedom
Cibula, Peter WR 45, WR 50, WR 60 Bullshit Jobs (WR 60)
Comerci, John    
Danner, Keith Writing 45 and Writing 60. Writing 45: Memoir; Writing 60: Climate Change
Dean, Matthew WR 60 WR 60: The American Housing Crisis
Delany-Ullman, Lorene WR 45, 50 The Rhetoric of Memoir: A Slice of Life
Dubey, Jaya WR 45, WR 50, WR 60 WR 45/50: Fairy Tales & Disney, Anti-Fairy Tale, Horror, Fairy Tales & Social Change
Dumas, DeShawn WR60 (formerly WR 39C) WR60: Anthropocene & The Liberal Crisis of Rational Human Being
Eason, Kat WR 40, WR 50 WR40: Food for Thought

WR50: The Zombie Apocalypse
Eason, Loren WR 40, WR 45, WR 60 WR 40 - College Music, WR 45 - Science Fiction and Speculative Journalism, WR 60 - Climate Refugees and Migration
Ellis, Tagert WR45, WR50 Disney Dystopia, Internet Infamy, Video Games+Memento Mori
Fixa, Jack WR 60 Climate Justice
Flores, Brian WR50 WR60 WR50: Magical Realism WR60: Video Games and Technology
Gerci, Jennifer WR 40, WR 50, WR 60, WR 139W Autobiographical writing, Latina and queer memoir (WR 40); Afrofuturism (WR 50); Gender and Fashion (WR 60)
Goldman, Matthew WR 50, WR 60 Conspiracy Theories (WR 50), Mass Incarceration in America (WR 60)
Graul, Kelin WR60 Education and Critical Pedagogy
Gullaba Jr., Alberto WR 40, WR 45, WR 50, WR 60  
Haas, Lynda WR 40, WR 45, WR 50, WR 60 WR40: Disney films and the Social Construction of Gender; WR45/50: The Superhero Genre WR 60: Animal Science and Scicomm
Hanson-Kegerreis, Sarah WR 45, WR 50, WR 60 WR 45 and 50: science fiction; WR 60 themes: Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Education
Hanson, Danielle English 16: The Craft of Poetry English 16: The Craft of Poetry: Poetry of Surprise and Wonder; Writing 50: Fairy Tales
Harrison Vernon, Alexandra WR 50, WR 60 The Rhetoric of Fairy Tales (WR 50), The Criminalization of Immigration (WR 60)
Hoenicke Flores, Sarah WR60, LJ20 Medical Humanities, Literary Journalism
Huerta Osborn, Marc WR 60 WR 60: Immigration
Kilolo, Munyao WR 60 Technology
Kim, Jamie    
King, Becky WR 45, WR 50, WR 60 WR 45&50: Chivalric Romance, WR 60: Pollution and Environmental Justice
Kongshaug, Erik WR 50, WR 60, History 100W WR 50 (“Frankenstein Rhetoric”), WR 60 (“Pedagogy of Liberation”). I also teach an upper division writing course (History 100W, “The Craft of History Writing”) for the History Department.
Lara, Michael No courses taught at UCI, but TA for Puzzles and Paradoxes. I normally teach Intro to Philosophy, Philosophy and Music, Sociology of Pop Culture, Classical and Modern Sociological Theory, Revolutionary Theory and Activism, and recently Sociology of Religion.
Lee, Jungmin WR60 WR60: Social Justice and Education
Leopold, J. Austin WR 60 mass incarceration, abolition feminism, rhetorics of power
Lerner, Scott WR 50, WR 60 WR 50: Zines and the Rhetoric of Change; Writing 60: Climate Change
Liberman, Hannah WR 60 WR 60: Deaths of Despair, shifting the framework
Lillmars, Bryce WR 40/40A, WR 50, WR 60 WR 40/40A & WR50: Food Writing; WR60 - Bioethics/Medical Ethics
Matthews, Ricardo WR 50 and WR60 WR 50 (Hollywood), WR 60 (The City in Trouble)
McBurnie-Nicolay, Patrick WR50 & WR60 WR50: Social Protest Literature, WR60: The New Economy, WR60: Climate Change and Environmental Justice, WR60: Labor, Gender, and Globalization
McClure, Greg WR 40, WR 50, WR 60, WR 139W Modern Horror (WR 50), Superheroes (WR 50), Humanimal Intersections (WR 60), Narrative & Discipline (WR 139W)
Ming, Russell I have TA'd Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Ethics, Puzzles & Paradoxes, and Technology & Society; I have been the lead instructor for an Intro to Philosophy summer course, and am currently the lead for two sections of Business Ethics at CSU Bakersfield. I have only TA's or taught philosophy courses.
Morrell, Iris WR 50 The Devil in Literature (WR50,) Writing About Illness
Nwabunnia, Elfrieda WR 50, Beginning Poetry WR 50: Science Fiction
Payne, Lauryn WR 60 Immigration (WR60)
Price, Darby WR 45, WR 50, WR 60 Rhetoric of the Devil (WR 45/50) and Information & Influence (WR 60). Occasionally, The Environment (WR 60) and Unnatural Creatures (WR45/50)
Read, Madeleine WR50 Tragedy, Crime Fiction
Rowland, Mariel WR60 Education
Sandoval, Jaime WR 60 WR 60: Labor and the Economy
Schubert, Kathryn WR50, WR60 WR50: Rhetoric of Fairy Tales; WR60: Gender, Labor, and Globalization
Schulte, Julie Writing 31, Writing 50, Writing 60, Writing 45 Writing 50: The Language of Exile; Writing 60: Mothers and the Rhetoric
Seward, Spencer WR 40, WR 45, WR 50, and WR 50 "What's Your Truth?" (WR 40), Family in Horror (WR 45/50)
Sharif, Saiham WR 50, WR60 WR50: Fairy Tales; WR60: Animal Ethics
Short, Gretchen WR 50 Adapting to the Alien
Sims, Rick WR 40, WR 45, WR 50 WR 40: Opinion Writing -- WR 45: Pop Culture Criticism -- WR 50: Ecopoetry
Smith-Newman, Julian WR 60; WR 45 WR 60: Social Movements and the Politics of Change; WR 45: Autoethnography
Son, Sara   WR60: Immigration
Speer, Margaret WR 45, WR 50, WR 60 "Medical Horror" "Medicine and Marginalized Identities"
Streitfeld, Scott WR 50, WR 60  
Suh, Haley WR50, WR 60 WR50: K-Pop Gothic Tales
WR60: Body Politics and Epidemic Diseases
Tada, Annabelle WR 50, WR 60 WR 50: Fairy Tales, WR 60: Medical Ethics and Marginalized Perspectives
Venegas, Yolanda WR45, WR50, WR60

WR 45/50: Autohistoria: Personal Writing for Social Change

WR 60: First Generation Students and the Promise of Higher Education

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Viger, Noelle WR60, WR60: Elections and Democracy in the United States
Watson, Emma WR 50 Fairy Tales (WR 50)
Weinberg, Dara WR 60 Free Speech Abuses
Wells, Emily W​R40, WR45, WR50, WR60, WR139W Medical humanities(60), autobiographical medical narratives (139W), new journalism and the personal essay (40), Gender in literature (45, 50)
White, Marion WR 60  
Wiggins, Wyatt I have TA'd for world history survey courses, European history courses, and religions classes. War and Memory, Comparative study of faith traditions, analyzing world history and interconnected systems (social, political, financial, etc.) Queenship and kinship in the medieval world.
Winiarski, Catherine WR 40, 50, 60 American nature writing, climate justice
Zhuang, Jie WR 40, 50, 60 Style and Rhetoric; Fairy Tales; Horror; Global Woman
Ziff, Joost WR 60 Free Speech and its Limits. Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the Working World.