EAS 160

Course name: EAS 160 Korean Cinema

Course Code: 23160

Studio Code: 23161

Instructor: Kyung Hyun Kim

Room: HG 1070 • Time: M/W 2:00-3:20pm (Studio Mon 3:30-4:50pm) 

This course examines the South Korean cinema today, and seeks to understand how it is shaped by re-interpretation of history and genre bending. The course will explore the Korean film history, aesthetics, and commercial industry, and also analyze several key texts that are critical to their understanding. This class, I insist, is on learning how to watch, think about, and write about film; in the same vein that we need to learn how to think about literature or other topics in humanities. Please be advised that some of the films featured in this class may contain scenes of explicit sexual or violent nature.

All films listed on the syllabus as required viewing will be available with English subtitles.