Course name: EAS 150 SOUNDS OF KOREA

Instructor: Serk-bae Suh

  • Course code: 23030 | Room: HH 156 | Time: TuTh, 3:30-4:50pm (Lecture)

Course description:

This course looks at modern Korean literature through popular music. Popular music reflects the prevailing sentiment of society. It is particularly true in Korea that experienced political upheavals and economic turbulence in its modern history. Popular music loved by the masses in Korea has certainly echoed the milieu of a society undergoing drastic changes. The course juxtaposes literary texts with popular songs that are contemporaneous with each other and thematically related. Some of these stories resonate with the sentiments of the songs paired with them, but other stories counterpoint those coupled with them, sounding out of tune with the latter’s sentiments. In either case, these stories and songs, through their tones of emotion and messages, help students sense the general sentiment of Korean society at such crucial moments in its history as colonization, a fratricidal war, authoritarian rule, and democratization.