Ticio Escobar

Latin American Film Festival

For over 15 years, faculty and students in the Spanish department have organized a Latin American Film Festival featuring recent Latin American films which have not been commercially released in the United States. Starting in 2015, the Festival will be held in the Fall quarter. Each film is introduced by a presenter who facilitates the always lively discussions that follow each screening. Films for Fall 2015 will be announced on this web page soon.

The Film Forum

The Film Forum, organized by Professor Gonzalo Navajas, is a well attended event that attracts students and faculty members all across the School of Humanities. The sessions feature international films followed by an open discussion with panelists. Recent screenings include films by Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and Luis Buñuel. Some of the recent titles include Blancanives (Snow White), Pa negre (Dark Bread) and Trece Rosas (Thirteen Roses). In 2015, a women director series started with films by Pilar Miró, Icíar Bollaín and Isabel Coixet. Film forum sessions, held every quarter, are announced through email and Facebook. For information contact professor Gonzalo Navajas gnavajas@uci.edu

Screenings by invited film-makers

The Spanish department collaborates with colleagues in other departments to bring films and their directors to campus. This year we are happy to co-sponsor the following films and directors who will be visiting UCI invited by the Latin American Studies Program. I Wonder What You Will Remember of September, dir. Cecilia Cornejo (Chile/U.S., 2004) Fall 2015,  Fibra Óptica (Fiber Optics) dir. Francisco Athié (Mexico, 1997) Winter 2016, En el País de No Pasa Nada (In the Country Where Nothing Happens) dir. Mari Carmen de Lara (Mexico, 2000)