At UCI students can enjoy the tranquility needed for advancing their academic careers in a vibrant atmosphere full of talks, conferences and other opportunities for cultural enrichment. The Spanish department admits a small number of students every year, guaranteeing that incoming and existing students can work closely with the faculty of their preference.

The School of Humanities is large enough to offer a variety of academic options under the form of courses, conferences and talks; and yet small enough to allow any student to build personal relationships with other colleagues and professors across campus.

Recently the School of Humanities started a program informally called 5+2 by which students who are able to finish their PhD in five years are eligible to be hired at UCI as Assistant Professors for two years after graduation.  The program is ideal for those students coming with an M.A. and who are not easily distracted by the nearby beaches, deserts and mountains.

The department gives great importance to the professional training of graduate students. All students can benefit from professionalization seminars, working group activities, active training for job interviews and campus visiting.

Student housing is walking distance to the university. Its constant expansion has led to the implementation of a transportation system that connects housing to the main campus. The graduate student housing area includes its own child-care center and pre-primary educational facilities. Shopping, restaurants, supermarkets, UCI state of the art gym and pool and nature trails are all in walking distance of the apartment complexes.

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