This major was created to meet the needs of a growing number of students who wish to read, study, and write nonfiction prose that has transcended the limits of daily journalism. This is prose that has evolved into a distinct branch of literature, prose that adopts the aims and techniques of the finest fiction. The program provides majors with a solid foundation in nonfiction writing and an equally solid background in areas such as literary history, which together will help make students more informed writers. A Literary Journalism minor is also offered.

Literary Journalism majors take three intensive writing seminars, and are expected to develop a portfolio of work by graduation which they can present as evidence of their skill for purposes of employment or future education. At the same time, majors are asked to take a comprehensive look at the theory, history, and context of literary journalism. Among other forms, they study and write narratives, memoirs, profiles, histories, and personal essays, in subject areas as varied as science, politics, justice, travel, sports, food, and popular culture.

While it differs from an applied journalism major that focuses primarily on newspaper writing, the major in Literary Journalism is excellent preparation for students planning to enter graduate programs in journalism, as well as for those interested in the many careers requiring sophisticated writing and communication skills.

For more information, visit the Literary Journalism website, and see the UCI Catalog for requirements: 

Major in Literary Journalism