A talk by Camille Samuels
UCI Anthropology PhD Student and C-LAB Fellow

In this presentation, UCI Anthropology PhD Student Camille Samuels will share her work-in-progress on her C-LAB supported project on the life and work of Dr. Clyde Woods. Over the past several months, she has been working with The Southern California Library for Social Science and Research to process his personal archival collection. Through this project, she explores how experiential forms of archival ethnographic work move beyond accepted forms of ethnographic research as a process conducted with sentient interlocutors, to one that traverses time and space as a conversation between the archivist and the departed. Through this project, she asks: what does it mean to become acquainted with someone you’ve never met so intimately through their work and ephemera? What responsibilities do we carry to honor this work and push it forward? Although Dr. Woods has passed on, his archives are still very much alive, and it is the duty of the generation of up-and-coming scholars to tend to his legacy and keep it alive.


Lunch will be served starting at 11:30 | Talk begins at 12 noon

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