"Epistemic Infrastructure and Adequate Care"

Introduction: Anna Boncompagni

Speaker: Casey Rebecca Johnson

Commentators: Alisha Nesslage and Gustavo Velazquez-Quintana

In my 2023 monograph, Epistemic Care, I argued that the adequacy of the epistemic care provided in and by a community of inquiry is an important epistemic evaluation.  To measure epistemic adequacy, I adapted Joan Tronto's measures of the integrity of care which she develops to measure a community's moral adequacy.  These include attentiveness, responsibility, competence, and responsiveness.  In this paper, I argue that to these criteria we should add a 5th: adequate infrastructure.  To make this case, I will consider three examples in which the 4 established criteria are more-or-less met, but the epistemic care provided is still inadequate.  Drawing lessons from these examples, I'll end by sketching a bit more about what I mean by infrastructure.