What’s a minor?

A minor is study in an academic discipline, in this case a set of 7 or more courses, that goes beyond the introductory level, but does not have the breadth or depth of a major in that discipline. One can minor in any discipline except one’s major. Obtaining a minor (or minors) is optional.

Declaring a Minor

Philosophy minors do not need to be officially declared. One must notify one’s academic counselor (in the School of one’s major) to add the minor to one’s degree audit, then complete the required courses for that minor. To officially receive a minor, one must also list it on one’s Application for Graduation.

Requirements for the Philosophy Minor

The UCI General Catalogue provides the official listing of University, School, and Minor requirements:

Overlapping Classes

A maximum of 2 courses can overlap between one’s major and minor. One cannot have courses overlap between minors.

Pass/Not Pass

One can count a maximum of 2 courses taken as P/NP toward a minor.