School Opportunities

Humanities Center Office of Graduate Study
  • Conference Travel
    Each academic year, the School of Humanities receives limited funding from the Graduate Division to support graduate students who present their research/paper at an academic meeting conference. A call for applications is emailed twice a year (fall and spring quarters) to Humanities PhD students. Students may apply to this program to help defray expenses related to their conference travel. Not all applicants are guaranteed due to limited funding. If awarded, awards are processed as travel reimbursements and documentation submitted for reimbursement must adhere to UCI travel policy. Please review this Travel Reimbursement form as a reference for the type of documentation that is required and the commonly asked questions regarding reimbursements.
    • Fall Quarter call will be in October for conference travel between July 1 through December 31 
    • Spring Quarter call will be in April for conference travel between December 1 through June 30
    • Award Amount: $300 to $1,000
    • Students are limited to a career maximum of $2,000 and may only receive an award once per academic year.

  • External Fellowship Fee Coverage Program
    PhD and MFA students who are awarded an external fellowship that is equivalent to at least $5000 or more per quarter will receive in-state tuition and fee coverage by the Humanities Office of Graduate Study for the duration of the award.
    Applications: At the time the external fellowship is awarded, students must send a copy of the award letter and fellowship application to Geneva Lopez-Sandoval, Director of Graduate Study.
  • Outstanding Graduate Student TA Award
    Chairs, program directors and graduate directors are invited to submit one nominee from each of their academic units.
    Call for Applications: Spring Quarter
    Award Amount: $1,500
  • Summer Dissertation
    Doctoral students who have already advanced to candidacy are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to candidates who have already made progress on their dissertations and who have not received summer funding previously.
    Call for Applications: Spring Quarter
    Award range for summer 2023: $2,000 to $5,000
  • Summer Language
    Funding assists PhD and MFA students with the costs of taking language courses generally not offered at UCI. Only accredited language programs will be considered.
    Call for Applications: Spring Quarter
    Award Amount: $1,000

Campus Opportunities

Associated Graduate Students (AGS) Conference Grant

DECADE Professional Development Award

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