Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind and Metaphysics, pursued with analytic methodologies but open to the influences of the continental tradition as well

Sven Bernecker: Memory, knowledge, self-knowledge, medical epistemology.
Annalisa Coliva: Hinge epistemology, skepticism, relativism, testimony, disagreement, self-knowledge, mental content - perceptual, demonstrative, indexical. The nature of beliefs and Moore's paradox. Medical epistemology and knowledge dissemination in the digital era.
Marcello O. Fiocco: metaphysics, theories of time, ontology, perception.
Margaret Gilbert: Collective epistemology.
Aaron James: skills, embodiement and practical knowledge.
Duncan Pritchard: Hinge epistemology, knowledge, skepticism, disjunctivism, epistemology of religion, of education, of law, and of the cognitive sciences.

And from our sister Department, Logic and Philosophy of Science

Penelope Maddy: skepticism.
Jeff Barrett: formal epistemology
Lauren Ross: philosophy of medicine, causation.
P. Kyle Stanford: metaphysics.