An emphasis in Critical Theory, under the supervision of the Committee on Critical Theory, is available for doctoral students in all departments at UCI. Ph.D. students may complete the emphasis in addition to the degree requirements of their graduate program. Critical theory at UCI is understood in the broad sense as the study of the assumptions, problems, and commitments of the various discourses in the humanities. The faculty regards critical theory as a key element of the study of any humanistic discipline.

For admission to the emphasis, students should have completed or currently be enrolled in one Humanities 260 course or Humanities 270 course.  The application consists of a statement and a letter of recommendation from any UCI faculty. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are typically submitted within a student's first two years of graduate study.

To apply to the Critical Theory Emphasis, please click here to complete the Application Form.

HUMAN 260ABC: The Critical Theory Workshop is conceived as a reading group, and developed with the input of all participants, where significant texts are discussed and analyzed in class, with no term papers or letter grades (except for an S or a U). Students will receive 4 units of credit for this course only in the last (that is, the Spring Quarter). For the first two quarters, the course will be zero units and will receive an IP grade.

Three sections of HUMAN 270 

Participation in two mini-seminars (6-8 hours) offered by visiting scholars (and sponsored by the Core Committee) on the visiting scholars' ongoing research.

Written Work
It is expected that the dissertation will reflect the preparation in Critical Theory. Alternatively, a research paper written under the guidance of one or more of the Emphasis affiliated faculty can be submitted.

Completion of the Emphasis
Students who satisfactorily complete the Emphasis will receive a letter signed by the Director of Critical Theory testifying they have completed the Emphasis. 

To certify your completion of the Emphasis, please click here to complete the Emphasis Checklist Form.