Name Title/Interest Email
Camile Reiko Acosta Assistant Professor of Art History, Archaeology, and Visual Studies
Yousuf Al-Bulushi Assistant Professor, Department of Global & International Studies
Tom Boellstorff
Professor of Anthropology
Juli Carson
Professor; Director of University Art Galleries
 Faculty Website
Chungmoo Choi
Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures
 Published Books
Annalisa Coliva Professor of Philosophy; Director Medical Humanities Minor, Philosophy
Brianna Donaldson Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Kai Evers Associate Professor of German, European Languages and Studies
Herschel Farbman
Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature
 Published Books
Daniel M. Gross
Professor of English
 Published Books
Sora Han

Professor, Criminology, Law, & Society
Participating Faculty, Comparative Literature
Affiliated Faculty, School of Law
Core Faculty, African American Studies
Christopher Paul Harris Assistant Professor of Global and International Studies
Virginia Jackson
UCI Endowed Chair in Rhetoric, Departments of English and Comparative Literature
 Published Books
Laura Hyun Yi Kang
Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Comparative Literature, English
 Published Books
Kyung Hyun Kim
Professor, East Asian Languages & Literature
Professor, Visual Studies
 Published Books
Horacio Legras
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Simon Leung
Professor of Art
Annie McClanahan
Assistant Professor of English
 Published Books
Liron Mor Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature
Kevin Olson
Professor of Political Science
Rachel O'Toole Assistant Professor of History
 Published Books
David Pan
Professor of German
 Published Books
Kristin A. Peterson Associate Professor of Anthropology
Rocio Pichon-Riviere Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Jon L. Pitt Assistant Professor of Japanese, Environmental Humanities, East Asian Studies
R. Radhakrishnan
Chancellor's Professor of English
Chancellor's Professor of Comparative Literature
Affiliated with African American Studies, Women's Studies, Critical Theory Emphasis, and Core Faculty of the Ph.D. in Culture and Theory
 Published Books
Bryan Reynolds
Chancellor's Professor of Drama
Chancellor's Fellow, 2005-2008
Bo Ruberg Professor of Film & Media Studies
Chelsea Schields Associate Professor of History
Luiza Osorio G. Silva Assistant Professor of Art History, Archaeology, and Visual Studies
Braxton Soderman Associate Professor, Film & Media Studies
Keith Topper
Associate Professor of Political Science
Georges Van Den Abbeele
Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Roxanne Varzi
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies