Advisory Committee

Yong Chen


Miles Corwin

Miles Corwin

Literary Journalism | 




Marcello Fiocco

Marcello Fiocco

Philosophy |





Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee

English |




Scott Lerner

Scott Lerner

Scott Lerner is a lecturer in the Composition Program, which is part of the English Department. He studied creative writing at UCI and enjoys helping students conceptualize, create, develop, and revise all sorts of writing projects. He also mentors students at various stages in their academic journeys. In 2019 he co-founded Lucid, and he now serves as the Coordinator of First-Generation Student Initiatives for the School of Humanities. He can be reached at or during first-gen office hours (click here for quarterly schedule).


Judy Wu

Judy Wu

Judy Tzu-Chun Wu is a professor of history and Asian American Studies. She immigrated to the U.S. at the age of six and enjoys mentoring students for research and creative projects. She is an associate dean in the School of Humanities and is the director for the Humanities Center and the Center for Liberation, Anti-Racism and Belonging (C-LAB). She can be reached via email:



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Art History

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Comparative Literature

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East Asian Studies

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English - Composition

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English - MBA

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European Languages and Cultures

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Bambi Haggins,


Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Humanities Core

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Spanish and Portuguese

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African American Studies

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Asian American Studies

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Comparative Literature

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Dean’s Office

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European Languages and Studies

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Gender & Sexuality Studies

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Humanities Center

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Office of Graduate Study

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Office of Undergraduate Study

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UCI History Project

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