The following are examples of academic clubs and organizations with which Humanities majors may wish to get involved.  This is a small sampling of the clubs open to students on campus.  For a list of other clubs, fraternities, associations and services, please access the Campus Organizations page.

Please note that this list is not an endorsement of the clubs/associations listed.

Art History Undergraduate Association
The Art History Undergraduate Association is a club that strives to organize and offer opportunities for greater campus involvement in the art world. We coordinate a variety of events to engage students with one another, as well faculty members, and familiarize them with Southern California art establishments. AHUA provides its members a means of communication with graduate students and faculty. We meet twice a quarter and congregate on and off campus periodically throughout the year. The relationships built through this network benefit and prepare Art History students for the future.

The Anteater Historical Association (AHA)
The Anteater Historical Association aims to bring together students, faculty and community members who have a common enthusiasm for history. The student run club seeks to promote collaboration and provide more opportunities for community participation in the field of history by planning social and intellectual events throughout the year. AHA holds regular meetings and also organizes events such as coffee hours, quiz nights & field trips. The club also partners with the Department of History to organize the annual Undergraduate History Conference.

English Major's Association
The English Major's Association (EMA) works to bring to bring together students and faculty to build a sense of community within the English Department and a support system for current undergraduate students. Although the club is primarily aimed towards people in the English major/minor, we also welcome students from the Literary Journalism and Comparative Literature programs, as well as anyone who is interested in discussing literature! EMA holds regular biweekly meetings as well as quarterly events such as Book Swaps, Poetry Events, Research Presentations and Game Nights.

Eta Sigma Phi
Eta Sigma Phi, is the national honorary collegiate society for students of Greek and Latin, was founded in 1927 to promote the study of Classics at the university level and to foster exchange between students of Classics at different college campuses. College campuses all over the United States have chapters of Eta Sigma Phi that participate in various national activities such as the annual convention and a translation competition, in addition to planning their own local events. Delta Sigma, the UCI chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, was established in 1986 and has been an active undergraduate group in the Classics Department since that time. Please contact for more information.

INCITE Magazine
Incite Magazine is based on the desire to create awareness beyond our common cultural community in an effort to unify people and transcend barriers. It will include issues on the environment, social activism, political opinion, and youth subculture locally, nationally, and globally. The issues are aimed mainly towards students in order to inspire and incite change in any way they can.

The purpose of this organization is to encourage UCI students who are interested in film to further their education and experience in film and film production outside the classroom setting by engaging in hands on student productions and attending club screenings and forums. Zotfilm is a subdivision of FADA (Film-Arts-Drama-Alliance).

The focus of KUCI is to continue to discover innovative and underrepresented music and information and to bring it commercial-free to Orange County and the world. KUCI is available On-Air at 88.9FM as well as through Webcast. DJ Training Classes will let you learn how to use KUCI's equipment, the ins-and-outs of FCC policy, and how you can create your own professional radio show. UCI students, faculty and staff are welcome to train in any of the four courses during the year — January, April, July or October.

ATV is a UCI based organization whose goal is to establish the first broadcast source of news at the university. They commit to creating a broadcast program that is focused on bringing media news, promotions, and opportunities to students at UCI. Any student is welcome to join ATV.

New Univerisity
The New University (New U) is the official student newspaper at UC Irvine. Originally named the Spectrum, later Spectre, The Tongue, and The Anthill, it is published once a week during the regular academic year. TheNew University's editorial staff consists of UCI undergraduates. The next year's editor in chief is elected late in the winter quarter by a vote of the current year's staff; the editor in chief-elect then select new senior and associate editors.

FADA Network
The FADA Network is an organization that promotes collaborative filmmaking on the UC Irvine campus. This includes both Zotfilm and Zotfest, our filmmaking subdivisions. In addition, we will also sponsor weekly Zotfilm meetings, where club members can enjoy producing short-films with other members of the UCI film community.